१. पहाड गुलि ख्वातु÷गुलि क्वातु अल्याख पीडा व संतापं नं वयात भचा हे धे चुइके मफु । अल्याख ख्वबि व झसुकालं नं वयात भचा हे क्वछुके मफु । अल्याख वा फसं नं वयात ग्वःतुइके मफु २. पहाड व दुनेया बः बः चट्टान बिहानया निंतिं यक्वं चिहान जुइ धुंकाः निर्माण जूगु मखा उकें नेपाली समाजया पहाडलिसे... Continue Reading →


बेहोस झी ः थःत लुत्याःगु मचाःपिं

खने दयेक हे असत्तितसें – रोबोटं ल्हाः ल्ह्वंगुया भरे रोबोटं ज्यू धाःगुया भरे छिगु युगांयुग निसेंया प्याःचाःया गःपः म्वयेथ्याना बिल । उफ ! तकं धायेमफुत छिं । छितः हे ज्यःयाना वं छिकेच्वंगु छिगु छि लुत्याना कयाबिल । छिं स्यूगु हे मखुत । आः हे नं वं छितः हे सहिछाप तयेकाः छिगु लालपुर्जा स्वहायेका कायेधुंकल छिं... Continue Reading →

A trip to Gosainkunda – Shiva’s Lake

Travelling is a meditation. Your only focus is at destination. The determination of triumph keeps you driving, even in the steepest slope, heaviest rain or slippery road. You forget your tired legs or aching back. There comes several times when you want to give up. But those who keeps going, gets to see astounding view and importantly, experience the peace and satisfaction. This is what I felt on my travel to Gosaikunda.

Mr. Bruno

Eleven years ago, my dad brought him home from a friend's place and I was sooo disappointed. I had been asking him for a dog. So just before Tihar, he arrived home with a small black puppy. How disappointed I was. Because when I asked for a dog, I meant Labrador or German shepherd. Surely NOT some street one (was it so hard to understand?).

डल्फिन यात्रा

–डल्फीन!! – जि छक्वलं हाला । – हँ ! ग्व ? गन ? – छक्वलं सकलेंं उत्सुकता पिब्वसे हालाहल । – खःधयाः । स्वयादिसं ।’ जिं क्यना । बस ध्याच्च दित । छम्ह..निम्ह...स्वम्ह...डल्फीन न्या टिंकटिंक न्हुयाः खुसी म्हिता च्वंगु सकस्यां खन । टिभिइ जक खंगु । फिल्मय् जक खंगु । तर थौं भचा तापाक्कं जूसां थःगु हे मिखां खनाच्वन । –थन कोशीइ नं डल्फीन ?– सकसियां निंतिं छगू न्हूगु खँ जुल । थ्वहे लं यक्व वये वने याःगु जूसां थ्व खुसिया बारे छुं ध्यान मवंगु जुल ।

Traffic and Tuk Tuk

Bangkok is famous for its traffic. Recent research suggested that Bangkok drivers spent an average 64 hours in traffic last year (www.bangkokpost.com). Even the hotel staff suggested that taking BTS would be faster than taking taxi. Taxi drivers did not prefer going to central city in peak hours. I had waited more than 30 minutes... Continue Reading →

BTS Ride

These days many Bangkok has become favorite travel destination for Nepali especially due to affordable holiday packages. So here I would like to share some of my experience in this astounding city. BTS Ride Riding BTS was fun experience at Bangkok. Bangkok Mass Transit System, commonly known as BTS or skytrain is rapid elevated transport... Continue Reading →

Himalayan Girl meets the vast Ocean

“Let’s just roam around Bangkok instead”- a frustrated voice of my colleague dropped behind me. “Yeah. Maybe we should do that. Can do some shopping too”- I added agreeing with her. It was my first trip to Bangkok and I was super excited. So I arranged two days for myself after the workshop. And now... Continue Reading →

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