BTS Ride

These days many Bangkok has become favorite travel destination for Nepali especially due to affordable holiday packages. So here I would like to share some of my experience in this astounding city.

BTS Ride

Riding BTS was fun experience at Bangkok. Bangkok Mass Transit System, commonly known as BTS or skytrain is rapid elevated transport system. It is an easy way of transport within Bangkok city. It was easier for us to go to Siam center for shopping through BTS. We had to go from Chong Nonsi to Siam which was like 3 stop difference which would cost 25 bhat per person. We had to insert money in a machine indicating our destination and it would give us card for travel. People were systematically lining up in front of machine as well as towards station. For regular travelers, there was a different card that they swipe. But for occasional travelers like us, we get one time use card that we need to swipe at entrance and it is taken back at exit. At first, I was confused in using it but the lady behind me helped me.

BTS or Skytrain of Bangkok. Source- Internet

Again people would automatically line up waiting for the train. While getting in, no one was pushing or pulling. I had to struggle getting in at buses and micro at Kathmandu  especially at evenings. Sometimes I gave up and walked home instead. My sister however, mastered the art of getting in the micro buses. According to her, secret formula was to not care of anyone and aim for the door. Once you hang in the door, grab any nearest seat or standing spot and sit tight. Or else she would be late for college and back home. That’s a tragic life we are living and seeing everything so organized pinched my heart. However, I am hopeful that one day Nepali citizens would be responsible too.

I did notice the cons of modernization. Inside BTS, almost everyone be it sitting or standing was looking at their phones or tablets. No one had time to talk with each other or just relax. It was a little weird also because we Nepali group were the only ones talking loudly. It was bit embarrassing too. Again my mind flew back to Nepal where people are still not so obsessed with technology yet. There is still random chats between friends and sometimes even with stranger aunties who do not like to travel quietly. It can be irritating sometimes but it does give familiar touch and sometimes even be great companion in boring ride. But these days we can see people, especially children and youths obsessed with mobile phones that they forget what’s going on nearby. The day we lose this touch of familiarity, we will be lonelier in the ever so growing world.


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